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  • Look for well seasoned wood
    The best burning wood has been cut and split from 6 to 12 months prior to burning season. Good firewood has a moisture content of 20% or less.
  • We promote the delivery of mixed wood for one reason, ease of ignition.
    The softer woods are a great ignition source and add the pop and crackle we all love, while the harder woods allow for a longer flame and a greater heat output. Generally, in our area, wood is used for ambiance rather than a main heat source in the home.
  • How much wood do you need compared to how much wood you would like.
    Our thought is to buy wood for the coming season with very little left over. The big reason for this thought is for critter control. A nicely stacked pile of wood is an invitation for snakes and pack rats as well as roaches and other critters.The American Standard for a unit of wood is a cord. A cord is a stack of wood that measures Eight (8) feet wide x Four (4) feet deep x Four (4) feet high. Wood is often sold in a full cord, half cord or quarter cord. Many “side of the road” wood sellers use a bed of a truck of wood as a measurement for a half cord. This is not so. You are paying for far less than you think!
  • Stack to Measure
    Any reputable firewood company will stack wood that is delivered. This is the only true way to measure a cord or variant thereof.
  • Location of stacked wood
    The most convenient area to stack wood is in a garage, on a porch or against the house.  However, the best place to store wood is away from a structure as to not allow for critters, as noted above.  Also, the wood against a structure can cause moisture to accumulate.


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